Track time with your team

Everything in one place

No more toggling between your collaboration app and your time reports.

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We’ve built a simple and flexible Time-Tracking service to fit your team needs and workflow.
Azendoo Time-Tracking will save you a lot of time and hassle by reuniting project organization, team collaboration and time reporting all in one place.

Want to see the Time-Tracking in action?

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Spend less time tracking - focus on doing

No need to keep manually calculating timesheets

Compare Planned vs. Actual time

With Azendoo Time-Tracking, not only do we help you report on time spent but we also compare it with the number of hours you estimated for a task or a project.

Forget MS Excel and pivot table With Azendoo, you instantly see how your team is doing and spot bottlenecks on a project or a task.

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Beautiful and Powerful Reporting

Azendoo’s built-in reporting analyzes your data so you don’t have to. You’ll have a deep understanding of your current work and history to keep making the right decisions.

Azendoo Time-Tracking gives you real-time information on staff, tasks, clients, etc., keeping your projects on time and on budget.

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Available and Synced Everywhere

All your tasks and time entries are kept in sync across our web, desktop and mobile applications, in real time. Easy!

This way you can choose to log your time on our mobile app and stay in sync with your team as they check progress and reports online from the office.

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Time tracking activation request

Time Tracking is a new service that fully integrates with Azendoo.

To enable it and test it free for 30 days, please get in touch and fill in this form.

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