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The Azendoo mobile app gives you direct access to your Tasks and your team’s Tasks, whether they are planned for today or for later. You can follow up on your work in no time.

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Direct Messages

Discuss with other team members with a single click. No need for any other communication apps.

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Major improvements

Activity feed

Everything that concerns you and your team will appear on this thread, for you to view, comment, and like.


Receive notifications on your mobile whenever a new comment is posted, a Task is assigned to you, or someone comments on your work.


Subjects are what make Azendoo so unique. You can now search in your Subjects, to find the right information at the right time.

3D Touch

Now available on your iPhone 6s: create a Task, send a Direct Message, start a conversation or check your notifications in just one click.

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Everywhere you go

Azendoo synchronizes across desktop, mobile and web apps. Conversations are never lost when you switch devices.

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