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Integrates with the tools you use every day.

Extend the power of Azendoo to all of the tools your team uses to design, market, and sell to your customers.

Azendoo recommended integrations

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Microsoft OneDrive

Search your OneDrive & OneDrive for Business documents from within Azendoo. Share them securely with your team, to keep everyone in sync with the right information.

Evernote 25901d3cee1ce9395434095fd08e195d1613d6ce66cdc0db2cddcdae85162b0b


Automatically turn Evernote checklists into Azendoo tasks, import Azendoo projects into Evernote or simply share an Evernote with your project team.

Dropbox 11d13075f9f33988120c7b69f102061b173c976ac12d361a49cca97f91d10262


Easily find and attach Dropbox files to Azendoo projects in order to keep your team in sync with the most updated information.

Box a1a825e9aac88e22b98f9f522ef3f7f26b7e1e6674ea620050662655d4219724


Search and attach your Box documents to share them securely with your team, on Azendoo, so everyone can access the right information.

Google 1b33b3d70c9fc60b4da4dbd34c7981a1a5699541d5ae8e7b7de72261f45f6db7


Sign-in Azendoo using your Google ID, pick your team with Google Contacts and instantly find all your Google documents right into Azendoo.

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Calendar Sync

See your Azendoo tasks with deadline in your own calendar and sync them in one click to see your upcoming tasks.

Email e5c36e30af6a303442ef2fc8621776333dd6d030b089379543b1941f419ef9d7


Empty your mailbox by turning any of your emails (inc. attachments) into Azendoo's tasks by forwarding it to the email address you will find in your Workspace settings.

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Marketing Teams

Designers 9dc6b40db5b515df115ce4248e360374497b9f750db3e5f139c6621c601fb254

Designer Teams

Project managers af10d34bb8f61338486ecb5ef96ee3319cce2a5613beda26b58450d7eebe734d

Project Managers

Team leaders a101aa254bb1736e21f4c6a88567971e3bb781fc07e04a4e4579c723f10123dd

Team Leaders

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Marketing Agencies

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