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Why Azendoo is a win for your business.

Work management

Task planning 900deb0f57d8d309969affbd6c9439a531cb2e4b0eba8078ab1262d9cf9c819c

Task Planning

Organize your and your team’s Tasks, quickly and intelligently. Learn more

Time tracking 34b9385a0795c7cec52ba522b37f445c783687746300868d34440cbcff8d2dd1

Time Tracking

Team collaboration and time reporting all in one place Learn more

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Task Comments

Discuss in real time right within your Tasks.

Calendar 7e24a5370639ce422476b3732c2d78b0a687cd605d6d073a8fe2c601e24e98b6


View and organize your team’s Tasks over time. Learn more

Task Export

Export your Task list to Evernote, or in CSV and JSON.

Email to Task

Turn your emails into Azendoo Tasks. Learn more

Snooze f19f6d88bbc0f59492ce00102c4dbafea67633bffab252b19998492257f72ae5


Easily plan work for later and focus on today's priorities.

Task collaboration a49ad47b2683e793f1b324e69d6508396bc7cefb210ee7dde009890cb6a16c2b

Task Collaboration

Subscribe your coworkers to your Tasks and collaborate with them easily.


Organize your Task list into sections and prioritize your Tasks.

Template Task list import

Import project templates from Evernote. Learn more

Task Cards

Add descriptions and useful information to your Tasks.

Due Date

Set your Tasks to repeat every day, month, week, or year.

Follow-up Tasks

Create links between your Tasks with Follow-up Tasks.


Set your Tasks to repeat every day, month, week, or year.

Print Tasks

So you’re a fan of paper? No problem: we’ve got you covered.

Assigning Tasks

Free up your workload: delegate Tasks to your teammates.

Multi tagging 5987a8170a01b0e63fe5ddd518a706eaf6e8fb62f2b59faeb9f19e3b85e33461


Share your Tasks with multiple teams.

Task Copy-paste

Copy and paste any Tasks with editable content.


Transform any discussion into a Task.

Public Tasks

Share your Tasks publicly, for collaboration with people from outside of Azendoo. Learn more

Boards 3683c5b7a47f70bbc6b8a457c64077e2d1ce6ce094f13e0efd90e0801d7cb765


A new visual way to plan and sync on teamwork

Team communication

Messages 91755ba156275fa52425710ceb8a07816acaa6340454cfbad56d18a3cab2beb3


Discuss in real time with your team.

Integrations 378b8ab21735a64c49b309fe57218d312a11fbaf90bbcc071b4332e04f6c1766


Share any files and folders directly from Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and Microsoft Onedrive. Learn more

Polls f35131f7ed5ba09f24515a7153da0c0d4c2fb178af6b317b98ac5705b66e6d14


Ask for approval or your team's opinion, and get quick responses.


Comment on the activity of your teammates.


Because we all like to like our teammates’ work.

File sharing

Share any files from your computer (all formats accepted).

Direct messages a7683cfc6052a971b8ecbca103fea4a4e489c5ca29e296a40d9daa900ab9dd49

Direct Messages

Chat privately with any of your teammates. Learn more

Re-share a Message

Re-post any Message in other Subjects.

Zapier Integration

Connect your Azendoo to your favorite apps via Zapier, and automate your workflow. Learn more

Image Preview

Preview images right within Azendoo; no need to load them separately.


Organizations 0cf2072823737ecfe72ea0ae9c1c25a91e372cafb871a6f0f83e817cc892a3d7


Regroup and manage all your Workspaces easily within your subscriptions.


Create and collaborate on Subjects, the sub-groups on your Workspaces.

Analytics b682b7fcae8d5c751a81e510609280ce98edbe899de8cc3c8748c860b296a8fd


Track and export your team’s activity in one click. Learn more

Team profile

Access the profiles of your team members, to follow their work.


Choose to receive notifications on your computer, on your mobile, or by email.

Secret Subjects

Create secret Subjects, for sensitive group discussion.

Starred Subjects

Star your favorite Subjects, to keep them at the top of your list.

Sso saml 6fb5241ecb4f1ac98c7e3ecede722233cfbff0dbbaa7e283c04d60fc5eb12222


Add an extra layer of security to Azendoo and onboard your teams easily.

Mobile plus

Swipe tasks 39812796678fdbf1b37d92be1eac68eea9e4db2567f4ae3f61862d0f75c6fd2c

Swipe Tasks

Snooze your Tasks or mark them as completed, simply by swiping them.

Photo sharing

Upload and post images and then continue using the app, without having to wait for the image to be uploaded.

3d touch 63b26698d78ac41a9ed170dfe40fbb9b4ae0bf84024ac39c31ad4a20cfff0b00

3D Touch

Share a Direct Message, start a conversation, and check your notifications all in a single click on your iPhone 6s.

Push 87fd9a0b309e8a62e706bf4c377efa8cbb6cb5d7183a88fa66874f5898457a65

Push notifications

Receive real time push notifications on your mobile.



Enterprise-grade security: your Tasks, data, and communications are safe with us. Learn more

Workspace Customization

Add your logo to your Workspace icon, and feel at home in Azendoo.


Manage the roles and access rights of your team members.

Support 7940ebd3a1c463b69eb999f94cd724d63af7cd3c1f08c6b2f2abf6b7c1c81f9d


Advanced support 24/7, with personalized demos upon request. Learn more


Invite people from outside of your Organization, to collaborate with you on specific Subjects. Learn more

Desktop mobile d97eb76376db64ac873af230fcaf31c868faf48d5b0830aae25a74008fa35761

Desktop and mobile applications

To keep Azendoo with you, wherever you are.

Notification center 534fd3b974a3565298d871094b62279a75866093d60a1614690f354168be0cea

Notification Center

The real-time hub for all of your notifications.


Emojis 27fc5b35edbba58c6bbcb495c6f719fed1bf5dd1753374be9777d264dc93d812


You can share traditional and homemade emojis in Azendoo, because work should be enjoyable too.

Gifs 5c216aeb7021a2479a663f98bc8899c334292da8bf56ed91ddeaf69039c5d029


Yes, you’ve read that right; you can share GIFs directly in your Messages.

Native cards

Share and view any content from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare etc., directly within Azendoo.