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Gleb Maltsev Fondateur de Stoneful Azendoo

"With Azendoo, I can follow the work of each of my employees, in real time. The app works like my dashboard, where I can track developments without having to ask everyone where they are. No longer disturbing my team with this kind of request has really improved our productivity."

Gleb Maltsev
Stoneful Founder
Testimonial Azendoo Baludik
"Instant messaging was a priority in our team because we don't live in the same city. We committed to Azendoo knowing that this feature would be introduced quickly. On the web, we can find a site for each feature, but refocusing the activities of our project on a single platform allows us to be more efficient, it's like we're in the same room!"
Louma Massasati
Webdesigner at Baludik
Eddie Opara Partenaire chez Pentagram Azendoo
"Azendoo allows us to conduct our meetings by addressing only the essentials. We wanted to talk about design and our ideas first, but we couldn't. "Has this or has it been done? "came back too often. [...] So Azendoo allowed us to lose those bad habits, which is fantastic."
Eddie Opara
Partner at Pentagram

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