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Task Planning Azendoo 2

Task Planning

Organize your tasks and those of your team quickly and intelligently.

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Calendrier Azendoo


Organize your team's tasks in a calendar view. 

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Task Collaboration Azendoo

Assignment of Tasks

Lighten your workload: Delegate tasks to your team members.

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Organize and prioritize your task lists in different sections.

Time Tracking Azendoo

Time Tracking

Team collaboration and Time Tracking in one application.

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Importing Task Lists

Create your list templates in Evernote or Trello and import them directly into Azendoo.

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Multi Tagging Azendoo


Share your Tasks with multiple teams.

Export Tasks

Export your task lists to Evernote, or CSV or JSON.

Task comment Azendoo

Task comments

Talk in real time and as a team directly from your Tasks.

Copyed and pasted Tasks

Create copies of your Tasks and edit their content.

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Email to Task

Turn your emails into tasks.

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Task Maps

Enrich your Tasks with any useful information.

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Task Collaboration Azendoo

Task Collaboration

Subscribe your colleagues to your tasks and collaborate easily with them.

Snooze Task Azendoo


Plan your work easily later and stay focused on your priorities.

Due date

Add a due date to your Tasks and receive a reminder at the right time.

Message to Task

Turn a conversation into task.

Public Tasks

Share your Tasks with a public link to work with people outside of Azendoo. 

Boards Azendoo


Plan and collaborate in Azendoo, visually.

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Repeat your tasks every day, weeks, months or years.

Tracking tasks

Create links between your Tasks.

Printing Tasks

Paper fan? No worries, you can print your task cards.

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Talk to your team in real time.

Re-share a Message

Re-post any Message in another Azendoo Topic.

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Ask for approval or your team's opinion.


Because we all appreciate "loving" the work of our employees!

Integrations Stockage Azendoo


Share your files and folders directly from Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and Microsoft OneDrive. 

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Zapier integration

Connect Azendoo to your favorite apps via Zapier, and automate your workflows. 

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File sharing

Share any file from your computer.


Comment on all your team's activities.

Private Messages Azendoo

Private Messages

Talk privately with each member of your team. 

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Share links Azendoo

Sharing links

Share web links in your Tasks and Discussions.

Image overview

Open your images directly from Azendoo, no need to download them separately.

Search Content Azendoo


Search for any Task, Message, Document, and Topic, shared in Azendoo.

Manage Subscriptions Azendoo


Easily consolidate and manage all your WorkSpaces in your subscriptions.

Stats Azendoo


Follow and export your team's activity with a click. 

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Favorite Topics

Star your Favorite Topics to keep them at the top of your list.

Single sign on Azendoo


Secure Azendoo even more and simplify your team's first steps.


Create and collaborate in Topics, subgroups of your WorkSpaces.

Team Profiles

Access the profile of your team members to track their work.

Secret Topics

Create Secret Topics for your more sensitive group discussions.


Choose to receive your notifications on your computer, mobile or email.