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Azendoo: The best alternative to Wrike for teams looking for efficiency and simplicity.

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How Azendoo and Wrike differ:

logo azendoo compare
wrike vs azendoo
Enriched team discussions
Private Messages
Evernote integration
Additional tool required
Time management audit
Simplified Time Tracking Tables
Streamlined interface
Simplified use
Automatic reminders
Customized emojis and integrated gifs

Are you hesitating between Azendoo and Wrike to manage your team's projects? Do you want more collaboration and less strict project management?

Look no further. Azendoo offers the simplest and most effective project management application. Say no to overly complex project management applications and start working with a clean, efficient solution!

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They did it:

"We've been around a lot of solutions and methods to manage project tracking (Redmine, Wrike, Google Chat, etc.). Most are laborious and/or too restrictive while our job requires great responsiveness and flexibility.
It was when we came across a post that we heard about Azendoo, a French startup that offers this type of tool. We tested it and in less than 5 minutes we adopted it. The product is simple and very well thought out."

Jean-François Gruet – Technical Director of Apsynth

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