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Azendoo: The best alternative to Slack for teams looking to organize their work and not just chat

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How Azendoo and Slack differ:

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Native task management
Collaborative spaces
Monitoring and reporting
Unlimited history
Time Management
Personal and team calendars

Questioning Slack's efficiency in your team's productivity? Having trouble sharing and finding documents in Slack? A little annoyed by Slack's overwhelming notifications?

Discover Azendoo, the work tracking app that syncs your team communications and project management. With Azendoo, you can not only chat in real time and in context, but also organize and follow your team's actions!

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They did it:

"We've been around a lot of solutions and methods to manage project tracking (Redmine, Wrike, Google Chat, etc.). Most are laborious and/or too restrictive while our job requires great responsiveness and flexibility.
It was when we came across a post that we heard about Azendoo, a French startup that offers this type of tool. We tested it and in less than 5 minutes we adopted it. The product is simple and very well thought out."

Jean-François Gruet – Technical Director of Apsynth

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