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Azendoo: the best alternative to Asana to follow your projects AND your time.

How Azendoo and Asana differ:

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Time Management
Extra tool required
Time Analysis
Extra tool required
Onedrive Integration
Extra tool required
Evernote Integration
Extra tool required
Multi-projects conversations
Enhanced Notifications
Customized emojis and integrated gifs
Support in french, english, spanish

Disappointed by Asana’s project management system? Azendoo offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use team collaboration application.


With Azendoo you can not only synchronize your communications, projects, tasks and documents, but above all track and analyze your team’s time.

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They did it:

“My reasons for replacing Asana with Azendoo are quite simple:

  • The calendar option I wanted, I finally didn’t use it in Asana because I couldn’t even see all my tasks to do. So that’s the case in Azendoo.
  • Even though Asana’s interface is clean, it’s not as attractive and simple as Azendoo’s.
  • I didn’t like having to go to each of my workspaces to see my tasks. The overview of Azendoo’s tasks makes much more sense. »

Zuri Ryan – Writer

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