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Keep track on what’s happening across your teams and projects.

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Turn your team insights into action

Azendoo Dashboards give you a high-level view of your project activity and team progress in the blink of an eye, instead of getting lost in the details.

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The info you need

Choose to view your team progress or overall activity

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Team Insight

Sort your data according to your needs to analyse team progress and move forward

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Share accomplishments

Export your Dashboard to share it with anyone


Select the timeframe and data that are the most relevant to you.


Visual charts of your team’s progress, to keep everyone on the same page and get things done.


Let Azendoo do the work, and share or export your analytics with anyone.

Time saver

Stop working on working, and see your project status in one click.

Great teams rely on Azendoo to get things done

Every day, Azendoo Dashboards makes thousands of customers happy, including :

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“With the Azendoo app, I can see what everybody is working on, in real-time. It works like my dashboard where I can focus on the workflow, without having to ask anyone to brief me. Not disturbing my team with micro-requests had an overall positive effect on productivity.”
Gleb Maltsev
Stoneful Founder
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“The Analytics dashboard is a real necessity for a firm like Argolight, where we use Azendoo for production, R&D and management. Detecting the points of difficulty, and the bottlenecks that block the work we do as a team, enables us to progress faster and to remove any obstacles before they compromise our growth.”
Gautier Papon
CEO Argolight
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“Azendoo allows us to actually have team meetings without going over projects. That’s what we wanted to do; we want to talk about design, and new ideas, but we don’t want to be talking about, ‘Did you do this? Did you do that?’ in a meeting. I don’t think it’s right, and Azendoo has very quickly started to take that away for us, which is fantastic.”
Eddie Opara
Partner at Pentagram

Everywhere you go

Azendoo synchronizes across desktop, mobile and web apps. Conversations are never lost when you switch devices.

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