Azendoo, the best Trello alternative for teams that seek simplicity

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Make your work personal, 
and transparent

Organize your work the way you want without impacting the team projects views. Each member have their own dedicated page with all of their 
activity, tasks, conversations, documents and more.

Switch between views 
in one click

All your projects have their own discussions, statistics dashboard, documents page, and three different angles to tackle your tasks: board view, task lists, and calendars.

Do you feel like your team has outgrown the use of Trello boards to manage your work? Do you want to enhance collaboration between your teams? Azendoo is the best way to boost your collaborative work and take your team to the next level. Organise all of your team’s work, communicate in threaded conversations and centralise all your information to be more effective together. Import your Trello data today and start accomplishing more with your team.

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Import your Trello boards and see for yourself

Want to migrate all of your Trello data to Azendoo? 
 Just ask, we’ll do it for you ;-)
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«  The Cisco Innovation Team had outgrown Trello. In the end it was slowing us down. With Azendoo, the team is now able to find the right information, 
in the right place, at the right time and take action! »

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