Azendoo : The best Slack alternative for teams that need to organize their work and not just chat

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How Azendoo and Slack differ

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Native Task Management
Collaborative Workspace
Project Tracking
Activity Dashboard
Unlimited activity history
Time Tracking
Team & personal calendars
Chat to task

Not sure if Slack is really boosting your team’s productivity? 
Are you struggling to share and find documents in Slack? 
A bit annoyed by Slack’s overwhelming notifications? Have a look at Azendoo, the work-tracking application that synchronizes team communications AND project management in one place. With Azendoo you can not only discuss in real time and in context but you can also organize and track your team actions to make sure everyone is on the same path and moving towards the same objective. Stop all the small talk and start working!

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They did it

« We had tried several platforms and methodologies for project management (Redmine, Wrike, Google Chat, etc.), most of them were too hard to use or restrictive when our work needed flexibility and reactivity. We found out about the French start-up Azendoo while reading an article online. We were looking for a real team collaboration tool and fell upon them. We gave it a shot, and knew within 5 mins that it was perfect for us - no messing about the platform is simple and straight forward! »

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