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Follow up tasks
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Recurring Tasks
Team conversations in Tasks
Custom emojis & embedded gifs

Not sure whether to use Azendoo or Basecamp for your team’s project management? Looking for an easy-to-use application that will put all of your team’s tasks and communications in one elegant place? You’re in the right place, as Azendoo provides a work-tracking application that centralizes projects, tasks, documents, discussions as well as letting you track and report on your team’s actions. You can easily switch from one project to another and track the time spent on various tasks. Plus, Azendoo provides an advanced task management system to manage all your work.

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They did it

“Azendoo allows us to actually have team mettings without going over projects. That’s what we wanted to do; we want to talk about design, and new ideas, but we don’t want to be talking about, ‘Did you do this? Did you do that?’ in a meeting. I don’t think it’s right, and Azendoo has very quickly started to take that away for us, which is fantastic.”

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