Azendoo: The best Asana alternative for teams who need to track projects and time

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How Azendoo and Asana differ

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Time TrackingAdditional Tool Required
Time AnalyticsAdditional Tool Required
Onedrive IntegrationAdditional Tool Required
Evernote integrationAdditional Tool Required
Cross-project conversations
Smart enriched notifications
Custom emojis & embedded gifs

Not satisfied with Asana’s project management system? Azendoo provides a complete and easy-to-use team collaboration app. With Azendoo you can centralize your team communications, tasks and documents, but above all Azendoo has a fully integrated time-tracking service to let you manage and analyze your team’s time.

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They did it

« My reasons for leaving for leaving Asana to Azendoo are simple: • The calendar option I so wanted, I didn't use mostly because I couldn't get all my tasks to show up on it. 
I also realised I didn’t need that feature. • While Asana's look is clean, it’s not as visually appealing to me as Azendoo's. • I didn't like having to go to each of my workspaces to see the tasks due under them. It makes sense to have 
all tasks come together in one place. »

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