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Project Managers

Regroup your team conversations, collaborate on your to-do lists and track your project's success.

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Collaborate in-team wherever you are

As a project manager, following your team’s activity whilst you’re on the go can be a challenging and painful process. Thanks to Azendoo’s mobile applications, you can follow your team’s activity, and stay connected to your work from wherever you are.

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“Azendoo task management enables us to collaborate on projects in a way that is cleaner and easier to reference than email chains. ”
- Lisa Magierowski - Essense of Australia Design Administration Manager
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Prioritize the things you have to do

Creating a Task in Azendoo is easy, and prioritizing your work is even simpler. To plan your work, add due dates and choose the day on which you want to work on your Tasks. Plus, you can create milestones by which to categorize your Task list, giving you a clearer vision of the work you have to do. Drag and drop a Task from one section to another so as to see your more urgent Tasks at the top of your list.

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