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Simplify design project planning and feedback loops by having clients and team members all in one place.

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Collaborate efficiently with your clients

Put a stop to unnecessary and never-ending meetings and reduce your email exchanges: regroup your team and client’s Tasks and discussions in Azendoo. Got an idea to share? Post a Message on the related Azendoo Subject. Got something you need to do later? Create a new Task and plan it for the convenient day. Azendoo saves you time and effort: all the information your team and clients need is centralized, and accessible from anywhere.

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Share your ideas in-team

Regrouping your team’s ideas is no mean feat, especially by email! In Azendoo, anyone can create a new Subject when they have a fresh idea, and then invite his or her team members to brainstorm. Once the idea turns into a real project, your team can create and organize their shared to-do lists on that very same Subject. Azendoo works with the tools you already use: Atomic, InVision, Flinto, Avocode and many more.

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Teamwork & collaboration just got easier

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