Azendoo Task Boards

Hit your team’s goals by making your processes visible and closely following their progress

At a glance you can see who is working on what. Use your own, customized processes to easily follow task progress.

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Switch from list to calendar to board at any moment

You no longer have to choose between views! Board, list or calendar view?.. We’ve covered all angles. Harness the power of Azendoo to manage your team’s tasks now.

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Organize any process in minutes

Whether you’re part of the Marketing, HR or Dev team, everyone can easily follow team progress. Azendoo is intuitive with no training required. Kanban, Scrum and Agile sprints are all covered. Launch a Marketing campaign working directly with clients - now it’s all possible in one app.

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Task and team chat in one place

Stop constantly switching between your board and chat apps to manage your team work. Organize your work around tasks and communicate through threaded discussions. Easily share knowledge and encourage group decisions making.

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Have you outgrown Trello?

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