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The Azendoo ambassador program is an international community of passionate users willing to share their expert advice with you. Read their posts, and feel free to contact them directly if you have any questions or comments.

Matthieu Guignard

Web Projects Manager

Passionate about digital, Matthieu is always looking for new application innovations in marketing, management, and ways to improve efficiency.

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Teamwork with Social Task Management

Pascal Vallet

Seoul Lower School principal

High School Principal, Pascal facilitates the educational and administrative management of the French School in Seoul. As head of communication tools for networking for french schools in Asia-Pacific, he’s also a consultant and project supervisor for the communication tools deployment network for french schools in north Europe.

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Pascal Vallet, Director of the French School of Seoul, talks about how he uses Azendoo

Rashel Reguigne

Communication Manager

Passionate about her job, Rashel helps companies that want to improve their visibility and reputation since 1998. She loves to share, learn and test new applications by working with other specialists.

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Rashel Reguigne, Communications Officer, shares her feedback on Azendoo

Sarah Esteve

Founder & CEO at Dehorslespetits

Proud citizen of Montpellier, mother of two, founder and CEO of Dehorslespetits, a community platform for children and their family, Sarah is a self-taught, passionate entrepreneur and part-time geek.

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Sarah, from, gets her own Azen-User Story

Sven Haefliger

Entrepreneur, Trainer, Musician

Sven Haefliger is the founder of - the biggest website in the german speaking are for professional piano teaching. He is fond of new technologies and loves to coach & help other people.

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Managing Piano lessons with Azendoo

Ronaldo Guedes

Founder & Director at Lure Consulting

Founder & Director of Lure Consulting, expert in finance and corporate strategies involving management accounting, strategic controllership, financial dashboard, strategy mapping, business decisions, action plan and monitoring results.

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Been productive has never been easier

Luiza Padoa

General Manager Ipoema

Luiza is a Permaculture Biologist, Information Designer and Project Facilitator for Dragon Dreaming, with a Masters in Functional Ecology and Sustainable Development. Currently, she is the Director of the Institute of Permaculture IPOEMA and project coordinator for "Águas do Cerrado" in Brazil, while at the same time being passionate about student sociocracy, non-violent communication and yoga.

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The app azendoo is available in 7 languages

Helen Crozier

Technology Coach

Helen is a business technology consultant and trainer based in Sydney. She also loves searching for and testing digital lifestyle tools with a particular interest in wellbeing.

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A beautifully simple project management platform for your life and business ( I do, i do ! )

Christophe Landat


Geek offspring raised by the Tribe of Lawyers as one of their own. But deep inside him, he still dreams of plunging into the IT world. He is therefore always on the lookout for ways to mix new technologies with his law practice to compensate for this void in his life, waiting for the day when Elon Musk will call.

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My Azendoo experience : A Lawyer’s Workflow simplified

Alain Schultz

Activator of new ways of thinking about efficiency and entrepreneurship

For 25 years I have been accompanying entrepreneurs and their teams in their research into new areas of development, both strategic and operational, whilst remaining pragmatic and ready to help others. I created in 2014 in order to share this experience.

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Alain, New Azendoo Rockstar on Entreprenariat

Yvonne Rummrich

Entrepreneur, Blogger and Familymanager

43 years old, mother of a teenage boy, living in a big house with my husband, our two dogs and some Budgies. We moved to Spain 9 years ago. Organisation is my passion, I try to simplify and routine most of the things I have to do.

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Azendoo und Evernote nutzen, um den täglichen Workflow im Griff zu haben

Gautier Papon

Argolight CEO

After a PhD in Nano sciences, Gautier has founded Argolight, an innovative company specialised in fluorescence for biosciences and pharmaceutical. Passionate about design, Gautier lives in Bordeaux and he’s also seeking for the best productivity tips for his team.

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How to manage a R&D team with Azendoo

Pierre Santa Cruz

Custumer Relationship Manager at LaFoirFouille

Having worked in the business world for more than ten years, I joined La Foir'Fouille in 2013 to create the customer service and after-sales departments, and to strengthen the support offered to our franchises. At the same time, I also participate in the organization of AppDays, the only conference in France that is 100% dedicated to mobile applications, which takes place each year in Paris. I really like photography, and I really like the city of Lille. I thus created the Facebook group 'Lille en Images' (Lille in Pictures), where I regularly post photos of this beautiful city :-)

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Pierre Santa Cruz - New Azendoo Rockstar

Jeferson Carlos

Entrepreneur and Digital Planner

Advertising professional in love with good music, movies, serials, books and beaches. Jeferson is the founder of Jefpower, digital planner, blogger, producer of events aimed at entrepreneurship and screenwriter presentations. It has experience in the advertising market and marketing for over 7 years dealing with small, medium and large brands.

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Azendoo – É o que faltava no seu negócio

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