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Preview tasks
Preview tasks glance

All your tasks at a glance

Your tasks for now and for later are listed in separate views for increased focus. Use filters to view specific tasks, such as followed tasks or tasks with a due date. Keep track of progress and accomplishments with all-team todo and completed task views.

Preview tasks focus

Focus on your tasks

This is where you’ll find all the information regarding a task, ensuring that the work gets done well and on time.

Preview tasks collaborate

Collaborate with teammates

Invite team members to follow your tasks and to collaborate directly with descriptions, comments, and attached documents. It doesn’t get more collaborative than this!

Preview activity
Preview activity conversations

Have real conversations

Put an end to endless email exchanges. Make all team discussions open, accessible, and in one place to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Preview activity monitor

Monitor activity at a glance

Monitor your team’s activity within a subject at a glance with task and message reports.

Preview activity real time

Real time updates

See what is going on live with the activity stream: accomplished tasks, posted messages, and all your teamwork and achievements.

Preview documents
Preview documents all

All your documents in one place

All documents shared in a subject are stored in the documents section, so any member can access the right information when needed.

Preview documents find

Find anything, at anytime

Enter keywords to find anything across tasks, messages, documents and subjects. You’ll never hear the words “I can’t find it!” again.

Preview documents share

Share files from your cloud apps

Share anything – web links, files, images and documents from our cloud integrations – so you’ll never have to switch apps to open a file !

Preview direct messages
Preview direct messages teammates

See when teammates are online

Azendoo shows you when your teammates are online and active. Now you know in real-time when the best moment is to ask for help.

Preview direct messages share

Easily share files and media

Azendoo lets you upload all kinds of files from your desktop, from the web or directly from our integrations (Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Google, etc.).

Preview direct messages private

Private communication channel

Start personal conversations with users inside your app to ask a question or share feedback.

All your team’s work in one place


Organize your workflow around tasks. Take notes, attach documents, and invite your co-workers to collaborate directly within your easily organizable tasks.


Centralize your team’s communication in one place with timeline messages, and discussions within subjects, tasks, and direct messages to get things done together.


Organize Azendoo to best suit your team and your needs. Use workspaces and subjects to divide up your teams, projects, and priorities according to your business.

File sharing

Share anything with your team. Upload any file type to your workspace storage, share big files from your cloud apps, and open images and GIFs directly in Azendoo.


Convert your emails into tasks, synchronize with your calendar, integrate your favorite cloud and note-taking services, and automate actions with Zapier.


Use Azendoo iOS and Android apps for mobile and tablet to get things done on the go. Get notifications anytime, anywhere, and stay connected with your team.

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